The Winners

The Best Quality Improvement 

Improving the recording of lying/ standing blood pressures in patients at risk of fallsind out more by Andrew Cavanagh


Most Innovative Quality Improvement 

Reduce the Number of TTOs coming into the dispensary for a pharmacist to clinically screen by 25% by September 2017 by Jade Edwards


Best Quality Improvement Presentation

Haphazard handover: A medical weekend handover improvement project by James Sharples and Neal Chauhan


Best Quality Improvement Poster

Reduce the Number of TTOs coming into the dispensary for a pharmacist to clinically screen by 25% by September 2017 by Jade Edwards


GSQIA Awards Programme

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GSQIA Awards (18th September 2017)

The 5th Gloucestershire Safety & Quality Improvement Academy Awards and Graduation took place on the 18th of September 2017 at 2:00pm in the Lecture Hall inRedwood Education Centre, Gloucester.

The award ceremony marked the end of the 7 month, Silver – Quality Improvement in Action programme for members of staff who have been working on 7 different improvement projects across the Trust. This event gave each team the opportunity to share their work and their learnings and for the Trust to recognise and celebrate their achievements.

Each team presented a summary of their improvement work and prizes have been awarded in the categories of Best Quality Improvement, Most Innovative Quality Improvement, Best Poster and Best Presentation, through a combination of judging panel, online and audience voting.

In addition to the programme of presentations, posters representing each improvement initiative have been displayed during the break for the audience to view and vote for in the Best Poster category.

At the conclusion of the programme participants have also graduated as Silver – Quality Improvement Practitioners, recognised by the presentation of a Silver QI pin badge and certificate.


Congratulations to all presenters who graduated as Silver – Quality Improvement Practitioners.


In addition to providing an opportunity to share the learning from improvements that are under way, these events form an integral part of the Academy objective to create an ‘Improvement Movement’ across the Trust, with the ultimate ambition of creating a culture of continuous improvement.



Quality Improvement Projects presented on 18th of September 2017




Progressing Towards Policy Processing Perfection - A journey to save an author’s sanity, returning them to work, safely


When I joined the Trust in February 2016, there was a lack of consistency in how the policy team operated together, captured information and in how we supported authors of policy documents in the Trust. We wanted to take the opportunity of this improvement project to have an in depth look at the changes we could make to our processes and how that impact could improve the support we gave to authors...

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Improving the recording of lying/ standing blood pressures in patients at risk of falls


Falls are a major cause of morbidity in older people. On admission to hospital all patients identified as at risk of falling should receive an assessment of falls risk and care plan. This aims to reduce the risk of inpatient falls but should also reduce risk of falling after discharge.

Falls are often multi-factorial. Multiple risk factors are assessed as part of the falls care plan. Lying and standing blood pressures form part of this assessment...

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Improving the standardization of the endometrial carcinoma dataset


The Royal College of Pathologists (RCPath) has set standards and produced datasets to use in reports of malignancies. The diagnostic Services of Histopathology in Cheltenham General Hospital use a local dataset based on this standard regarding endometrial cancer. There should be a 100% compliance to the dataset, but a previous audit showed this was not reached.

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Successful completion of standard 1 of the Workplace Wellbeing Charter: Leadership


To take a baseline measurement of the Trust’s Leadership commitment to Staff Health & Wellbeing. To make improvements through the provision of SH&WB initiatives based on this standard. Contribute to Charter accreditation.

This work was completed in HR through provision of a portfolio of evidence. The OD team provided leadership information and related statistics...

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Haphazard handover: A medical weekend handover improvement project


Handover is an internationally recognised vulnerability in patient care with reviews by NPSA1, NCEPOD2 and RCP3

 Medical weekend handovers at GRH and CGH comprised of unstructured handwritten or highlighted ward lists filed for on-call weekend teams...

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Reduce the Number of TTOs coming into the dispensary for a pharmacist to clinically screen by 25% by September 2017 


This project aims to reduce the number of TTOs (to take out prescriptions, AKA discharge prescriptions) that are sent to pharmacy from the wards in the afternoons. In order for a TTO to be dispensed in the pharmacy it must first be clinically screened by a pharmacist. An audit identified that there were large volumes of TTOs coming into pharmacy in the afternoons (from 12pm onwards)...

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