Corporate Memory

Corporate Memory and Knowledge Harvesting.... to increase knowledge retention in our Trust


 What is Corporate Memory?

 "the combined knowledge and experience of a company's employees"*, a.k.a. Organisational Knowledge or Institutional Memory

* Cambridge Dictionaries Online 2014

What is knowledge harvesting?

"a process to capture unique and valuable knowledge from people with the intention of sharing it more widely within the organisation"* used when a project finishes, a team is dis-banded or when an employee leaves

* Dept of Health Informatics Directorate

How can I do it?

There are several recommendations and processess as to how to do knowledge harvesting. The two predominant methods are -

  • Interviews
  • Documentation/checklists - Self harvest

This toolkit will help you to decide which method to use

What are the benefits?

The aim is to "migrate the risk of knowledge loss"* so that time and money can be saved, also new employees become established in their new roles quicker and easier

*Dept of Health Informatics Directorate

Who is it for?

Any member of the organisation could undertake knowledge harvesting

What are the barriers?

Staff may not realise that the loss of their knowledge and experience could have detrimental effects or that passing it on could save precious time and money

The process may be time consuming but only unique knowledge needs to be captured

Employees may need to assess whether the process is appropriate for them and how great the risk of corporate memory loss there is