Journal Clubs

Current JournalsWhat is a Journal Club?

It is a forum where health professionals discuss and appraise research articles which are relevant to their practice

What are the benefits of a Journal Club?

  • Development of critical appraisal skills
  • Can assist with keeping up to date with the latest research
  • Supports evidence based practice
  • Can inspire research ideas
  • Potential to improve clinical practice
  • Supports KSF dimensions IK2 levels 2,3 and IK3 level 3

How do I set up a Journal Club?

There are many articles which provide guidance on how to set up a journal club. Here is a small selection you may find useful.

Bull, Sheila (2007) Clubbing together Synergy Imaging and Therapy Practice Nov, pp18-20. (Contact the Library if you would like the full text of this article)

Dobrzanska, L. and Cromack, D. (2005) Developing a journal club in the community setting Journal of Community Nursing [online] 10 (8) pp374-377. Available online, Athens username and password required.

Esisi, Martina (2007) Journal Clubs BMJ Careers [online] Available from

Forsen, J. Hartman, J and Neely, G (2003) Tutorials in clinical research, part VIII: creating a journal club Laryngoscope 113 (94)pp 475 – 483. Available in print at GRH.

Klapper ,S. (2001) A tool to educate, critique, and improve practice Association of Operating Room Nurses [online] 75 (5) pp712-715. Available online, Athens username and password required.

Mayor, P., Boyle, P. and Price, L. (2004) How a research network developed a multidisciplinary journal club Professional Nurse 19 (6) pp308-309. Available in print at GRH

How can the Library support my journal club?

  • We can find relevant journal articles for your club by carrying out a literature search
  • We provide Training to help you search databases and acquire basic critical appraisal skills (no statistics!)either for your whole group or individually. Tailor made sessions are also available, just let us know what you require
  • Provide advice on creating an Athens account to access electronic journals, databases and books
  • Our Inter Library Loan and Document Supply Service can obtain journal articles we do not have access to electronically or in print
  • We can attend your journal club to update you on Library Services, just contact us to arrange a convenient date
  • Photocopying facilities are available at both libraries
  • Provide advice regarding copyright

Other useful links

For further information about how we can support you please contact us for an informal chat or we can arrange a visit to your department.