Terms and Conditions

Gloucestershire Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Library Services

Borrowing Responsibilities

  • Each reader is responsible for all items issued to their borrower card until all loans has been returned
  • Borrower cards can be used at any other Southwest NHS Library provided that library's rules and regulations are adhered to
  • It is the reader’s responsibility to return items to this Library on or before the date/time due for return
  • We will charge fines for the late return of loans at the rate of 20p per day per book up to a maximum of £10 per book
  • If items are still not returned after the receipt of two overdue notices(sent via email), a charge for the cost of the item will be made
  • Readers must comply with the Copyright Law in their use of any material they borrow or use in the Library

 Data Protection

  • I understand my personal responsibilities under the Data Protection Act 1998, in particular: to ensure that to the best of my knowledge, data used by me is accurate and, where necessary, kept up to date
  • I agree to my data being used for library purposes and I understand that my information will be kept electronically and in paper format for a maximum of 5 years