NMC Revalidation


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Practice Effectively

The  NMC code mandates that you "always practice in line with the best available evidence. To achieve this you must "make sure that any information or advice given is evidence based, including information relating to using any healthcare products or services"

Revalidation: Find the Evidence - a 1 hour training course which will give you the skills and tools to find the best quality evidence and to stay up-to-date. Available as a one to one or group session

Current awareness service: sign up to email alerts to help you stay up to date

Literature Searching Service: let us find you recently published research on your topic of interest

Be Reflective

For revalidation you must record at least five reflections on the code, your practice and related feedback of your CPD


Bulman, C. and Achutz, S. (2004) Reflective practice in nursing. 3rd ed. Oxford, Blackwell. (Available online with OpenAthens username and password)

Johns, C. (2013) Becoming a reflective practitioner. 4th ed. Chichester, Wiley-Blackwell. This and other books on reflection are available in the libraries at WY54


Collins, G. et al. (2015)  'Using Reflection on Reading for Revalidation' Nursing Times 111 (23/24) 14-16 (available in print at GRH library)

Click here for our reading list on Reflective Practice for Nurses

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