Six Book Challenge 2017


Prizes announced!


Roses theatre

1st Prize - tickets to a show at the Roses Theatre Tewkesbury


Suffolk Anthology Bookshop

2nd Prize - £10 book voucher from a local bookshop


Ben and Jerrys

3rd Prize - an assortment of Ben and Jerrys goodies

When the challenge is over you will be put into a prize draw to potentially win one of the prizes above.

This year we have an assorted collection of modern books of many types of genres, from drama, romance, crime, thrillers & more.


Love reading

Reading promotes well-being, reduces stress & is very enjoyable!


How it works

  • Fill out a sign-up form (this acts as a membership form, if you are not already)
  • We choose you a book to read from our assorted collection
  • You endeavour to read 6 books in 6 months
  • There are three great prizes to be won - 1st, 2nd & 3rd prizes
  • You will also get a lovely certificate
  • Good Luck! 

To get a sign-up form, simply telephone either Library at GRH 0300 422 6495 or CGH 0300 422 3036 or email us