Nebuliser and CPAP Servicing

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When is my machine due a service?

The Next Service Due date will be shown on a label, usually on the front of the machine. If unsure, please call Medical Engineering on 0300 422 6116 or email us.


It is the responsibility of the Patient to ensure that this machine is serviced regularly by Medical Engineering.
Tel: 0300 422 6116
Please phone for an appointment.
The Next Service is due :   JAN 2013


Green Service Due label



Arranging a NEBULISER service appointment


Medical Engineering

Gloucestershire Royal Hospital

Great Western Road
tel: 0300 422 6116

Open: 8.30am to 5.00pm, Monday to Friday
Respiratory Nurses

Cheltenham General Hospital

Sandford Road
GL53 7AN
tel: 0300 422 4432

Open: 8.30am to 4.30pm, Monday to Friday


See further information on travel, parking and maps.

Medical Engineering is shown under 'Nebuliser Services' on the Gloucester internal map, in Block MB.
Respiratory Care clinics are normally held at Westblock Outpatients, on Cheltenham internal map, in Block WB.


Arranging a CPAP service appointment

Contact the Lung Function department at either Cheltenham or Gloucester who will book your clinical appointment, and arrange service of the machine with Medical Engineering at the same time.

Lung Function

Gloucestershire Royal Hospital

tel: 0300 422 6819
Lung Function

Cheltenham General Hospital

tel: 0300 422 4313



Prior to appointment

We kindly ask that prior to your appointment, your machine is socially cleaned by giving it a careful wipe over with a damp cloth or wipe.


What to bring with you

Mains LeadPlease bring the mains lead and other accessories with you, as these may need to be functionally and electrically safety tested as part of the service.



How long will it take?

Servicing takes approximately 1 hour.
There are a number of coffee shops on our sites which you may visit whilst waiting, please ask for directions. Alternatively you may collect later in the day if it is more convenient.


Where do I get Nebuliser supplies, such as masks and tubing?


Nebuliser ConsumablesWhen servicing nebulisers, we will provide new nebuliser packs and tubing appropriate for the period until the next service.
You will also be provided with additional filters, which you are required to change periodically in accordance with your particular nebuliser instructions or as advised. We will ensure you have up-to-date instructions for your particular device.
If you do need additional supplies please contact the relevant site contact as above.


What do I do if my machine is faulty?

Please get in touch with the relevant site contact as above for servicing and explain the problem to us. It is helpful if you have the machine asset number (on a blue label).
For emergencies outside normal working hours please contact your GP or local Accident and Emergency department.


 Further Information

Lung Function website
Respiratory Medicine website
Medical Engineering website