Clinical Photography



Staff wishing to refer a patient for clinical photography should complete a request card and ensure that a consent form has been completed.




The request card should clearly convey the condition and areas to be photographed. Please give as much information as possible. Body diagrams are provided on the reverse of the card for annotation of the required areas.

The request card, “Medical Photography Department Photographic Request Form” is available  from Prontaprint with the order code: GHNHSFT/Y0093/08.06

If the photographs need to be taken at a particular time, please telephone the department to arrange.

Where there is no urgency, request cards should be posted to the department.  Patients must be given our contact details so that they can arrange a convenient appointment.



It is the responsibilty of the requesting healthcare professional  to obatin consent from the patient. The patient must be able to understand how the photographs will be used before agreeing to consent.

The Consent form  “For consent to Clinical Photography” is available from Prontaprint; order code:  GHNHSFT/Y0912/04.11