Current Projects and Programmes

A few examples of what we are currently focussing on:


The SAFER project is a national initiative and also a CQUIN  for 2015/2016.  It is designed to improve flow across the hospital with the primary focus on improved internal processes in order to contribute to safe and timely discharges.

The project is focused on developing the efficiencies and consistency of the following 5 elements for all Medicine and Surgical inpatients:



Senior Review (board rounds)


All patients will have an Expected Discharge Date (EDD) (that patients are made aware of)


Flow – Early from assessment units


Early discharge


Review of patients with extended lengths of stay


Outpatient Efficiency Programme

The Outpatient Efficiency Programme is an internally sponsored programme and seeks to deliver improved operational efficiency of all outpatient services provided by GHT. Benefits include maximising the existing resources of the trust, increased revenue in response to increased activity, reducing the length of time patients must wait to access our services, reducing fines received through RTT breaches, and improving patient experience. The programme consists of many individual workstreams all aimed at delivering the benefits stated above. Workstreams within this programme include but are not limited to: clinic utilisation, reducing New to Follow Up ratios, patient communications, estate utilisation (booking of clinic areas), and self-check-in desks.

Contact: Tom Hewish, Programme Manager.


Theatres Efficiency Programme

Theatres Efficiency is an internally sponsored programme. The programme is comprised of many individual projects, including establishing GHT theatre activity at Cirencester Community Hospital, implementing recommendations from the Theatres Review, establishing a Pre-Operative Assessment Centre (POAC) at both Gloucester and Cheltenham sites, increasing the operational efficiency of all GHT theatres, centralising theatres booking, and planning for the long-term development and capital investment of our theatre estate.

Contact: Tom Hewish, Programme Manager.


Living With & Beyond Cancer Programme

This programme is a countywide programme involving GHT, Macmillan, GCCG and GCS. The programme’s aims are as follows:

  • To enable patients and carers to be empowered in their cancer treatment, care and support
  • To achieve the best possible health & wellbeing outcomes for people with a cancer diagnosis
  • To allocate best use of NHS resources to meet increasing demand on cancer services
  • To develop joined up care across collaborating organisations


GHFT will be responsible for implementing a series of interventions across the patient pathway:

  1. Holistic Needs Assessments and Care Plans – To enable patients to have their wider health and wellbeing addressed and become actively involved in planning their ongoing care and support
  2. Treatment Summaries – To enable joined up care by improving communication between secondary and primary care whilst providing integral information for the patient to self-manage their own condition
  3. Risk Stratified Pathways – To ensure all patients completing treatment are assessed and assigned an appropriate risk-stratified follow up pathway. This will enable appropriate low-risk patients to follow high quality supported self-management

The National Cancer Taskforce recommended in their ‘Achieving world-class cancer outcomes: a strategy for England 2015-2020’ report, that the aim should be that by 2020 every person with cancer will have access to elements of the recovery package (HNA’s, Care plans and Treatment Summaries) and stratified pathways of follow up care will be in place for the common cancers’.

Contact: James Curtis, Macmillan Programme Manager