Past Projects and Programmes

Satellite Radiotherapy Unit at Hereford

In January 2010 approval was given for a Satellite Radiotherapy Unit to be built on the Hereford County Hospital site.  The Unit, managed and staffed by Gloucestershire NHS Foundation Trust, will predominantly serve the population of Herefordshire and Powys, with the hope of eliminating the well documented ‘Misery Miles’ which some patients who require radiotherapy treatment currently experience. 

The unit opened Monday 18th August 2014. Read more here.

Contact: Ian Quinnell, Associate Director of Programme Management and Service Improvement.

Ambulatory Emergency Care (AEC)

Ambulatory Emergency Care (sometimes called AEC) is a service which provides same day emergency care to patients at our hospitals. This means that patients are assessed, diagnosed, treated and are able to go home the same day, without being admitted overnight. The PM&SI team, working closely with Unscheduled Care and CCG colleagues, have supported the development and operation of AEC units at both Gloucestershire Royal and Cheltenham General Hospitals. The project team continues to support the service, working with CCG to establish a firm footing for its future.

For further information about AEC please view their dedicated web page.

Contact: Lou Porter, Programme Manager.

UTOPIA – a new model of unscheduled care

UTOPIA was a two year Trust-wide change programme (Unscheduled Treatment Of Patients In the Acute sector), to radically redesign the Trust’s unscheduled care pathway.  The programme was winner of the HSJ's Efficiency Award for Efficiency in Acute Service Redesign 2011.

The programme was managed in 3 distinct phases:

  • discovery
  • redesign and
  • transition.

The new model of care was phased in from August 2009.

The new model has delivered significant clinical, operational and financial benefits, including;

- Statistically significant reduction in acute length of stay with no impact on readmission rates or mortality.

- £6M saving by reducing Trust bed base on back of reduction in length of stay

- £1.5M saving to health economy by increasing the number of GP referred patients discharged direct from ED

- Reduction in the percentage of patients requiring Coronary Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

 Women's Services Reconfiguration

This programme involved the reorganisation of maternity, neonatal and gynaecology services in the county. With the building of the new Women’s Centre at Gloucestershire Royal, all high-risk obstetric and neonatal services were centralised to Gloucester and a new midwife-led Birth Centre was created at Cheltenham General Hospital. The programme completed successfully in early 2011 and local women and their families are now benefiting from the new facilities and enhanced clinical care.

Take a virtual tour of the new Women's Centre at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital, the Cheltenham Birth Centre and Stroud Maternity Hospital

Rapid Improvement Events

Rapid Improvement Events (RIEs) were facilitated, five-day workshops where specific patient pathways or operational processes are mapped out, analysed and redesigned using the principles of LEAN methodology. The event itself is always part of a longer term project involving a team of people who know their area and can implement the agreed changes.