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Six Lecturer Practitioners have taken up their new roles within our Professional Education Team.

In collaboration with the University of Gloucestershire, the lecturer practitioner role was developed to provide expert advice, knowledge, guidance and support to all non-medical staff in order to enhance the clinical environments across our Trust. This is through a combination of ward-based mentoring and staff development and to teach on academic programmes at the University of Gloucestershire. The post-holder will work with the University of Gloucestershire one day a week to develop CPD and academic programmes.

At our hospitals, the education of our staff plays a critical part of building and maintaining a highly skilled and competent workforce. This in turn ensures our patients receive safe, high quality care. Our Lecturer Practitioners will be working alongside our Leadership and Organisational Development and Lifelong Learning teams to help deliver education in a wide range of ways in order to meet the varying needs of our staff. They will be sharing best practice, helping to standardise care and will help to promote communication, professionalism and kindness and respect values.

The Lecturer Practitioners will be focussing on supporting the development of all non-medical staff and will support mentors in their work to support students in placements. By working alongside employees, the Lecturer Practitioners will help guide individuals to locate appropriate learning and development opportunities.

Lecturer Practitioner Rachel Edwards explains what she believes they will bring to the Trust:

“We are delighted that we have this opportunity to bring together these skills to help make a real difference on the ground for our colleagues and our patients. We are all really looking forward to developing the role.”

The role has three key themes: working with leads to identify training needs of the workforce, supporting the development of learning in practice for both clinical staff and students and working with the University of Gloucestershire one day a week to develop academic programmes and pathways in dementia, preceptorship, surgery, care of the frail, elderly patient and in unscheduled care.

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