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22nd February 2016

Hello & Happy New Year!


Lots of changes have been happening in the world of the Lecturer Practitioners of late, so here’s an update;

Rachel Edwards & Wendy Collins have taken over the Band 5 Role Transition Programme which we are very excited about!  It will be great to be a part of the Newly Qualified Nurse’s journey and be able to help and support them through this process.  Wendy and I welcome any feedback you have regarding the programme positive or negative and any suggestions you have for the programme content will be considered.   Please email rachel.edwards@glos.nhs.uk or wendy.collins@glos.nhs.uk or if you wish to submit anonymous feedback post your response to: Band 5 Transition Programme. Professional Education.  Redwood Education Centre.  F5 , GRH.

All LP’s are currently delivering revalidation sessions in their clinical environments to registered nurses…..we are on our way if we haven’t quite reached you yet!  Please ensure you are revalidation ready and know when your revalidation date is by registering with the NMC online.  There is more information on the Trust Intranet – Professional Education Website – Revalidation Pages, the NMC Website and RCN Website.  Please feel free to contact your LP should you have any concerns. 

Sonia Maisey has been very busy facilitating education in ED and Cardiology.  These bitesize micro sessions are great for making the most of the moment for shared reflective learning opportunities.  Sonia has recently been nominated as a committee member for a National Network of UK Clinical Nurse Educators, where benchmarking and sharing best practice is quick easy and accessible.  We’re also currently in the planning stages of getting GHNHSFT on the map- and will be hosting our first National face to face event at Sandford Education Centre on the 20.05.16.

Jo Jones and Sonia Maisey have been developing Clinical Supervision Training:  All information regarding clinical supervision and how to access it can be found on the Trust intranet-Professional Education Website-Clinical Supervision.

The 2nd run of the Care of the Frail Elderly Patient course has now finished.  It was well received and ideas and thoughts generated and discussed within the sessions has been feedback and incorporated into clinical practice.


1st September 2015

Can you believe it, we are now 17 months into our new roles, where has the time gone. It only feels like yesterday when we realised that our gentle learning curve would be more like a vertical mountain climb with a few large jagged boulders poking out along the way. We have a great team approach though and always remember to smile and have a laugh when the going appears/ gets tough. We have all now settled in to our roles, building relationships with staff and establishing our roots in many areas.

It incredible just how much we have already done, and I think we all surprised ourselves when listing our current work projects. At our recently annual update we delivered a presentation outlining our achievements as far. Although still very early days, and off course we still have a lot to do, here are just some of the things we have done,

  • Two week Induction programme for the first group of Spanish Nurses last year, followed by evaluation and review of the programme ready for the next cohort that came later
  • Supported EBOLA training in ED
  • Launch of “Hello my name is” campaign
  • Increasing competency compliance across the Trust
  • Supporting staff for a variety of reasons
  • Creating LP documentation, (referral)
    • Ongoing re formatting of Student / new staff booklets
    • Identifying and helping to mentoring staff who accessed the Certificate of Education run by Lifelong Learning
    • Putting names forward for the Mentoring Sessions run by Lifelong Learning for staff supporting Apprentices
    • Supporting LHCA’s
    • Emotional Resilience Training
    • Supporting SSKIN bundle  for Tissue Viability and the list is ever growing……

After the success of ‘Care of the Frail Elderly course which ran last year, Jo Jones will be running the next programme starting in October. Anyone who is interested in finding out more or applying for the course please contact Jo Jones. Jo is also involved on the National UK Listening and Learning with Older people project. This is all about listening and hearing what the older person says. We are using volunteers on participating wards, 4a 4b 8a,and Ryeworth to sit, talk and listen to our older patients to identify if we can make improvements in the care that we offer.

Sonia Maisey and Jo Jones are currently working together on re introducing Clinical Supervision initially for specialist nurses. This came originally from Mrs Arnold and her strategy days.

Sonia Maisey and Julie Bruce Watt have teamed up and are beavering away on their University Module. Their module is for qualified nurses who are new to the acute care sector.  The aims of the module are to ensure these new nurses feel supported and empowered to provide competent and compassionate care for our patients. Helping them settle into their new roles and workplaces and guidance for their future development in our trust.   

Rachel and I have also teamed up and are currently working on our module which will be aimed at our Senior Band 5 staff preparing them for the next steps in their career.

All exciting so watch this space.    

Wendy Collins


19th December 2014

Learning curve? More like a straight line!

The neophyte role of the Lecturer Practitioner has grown dramatically and we are heartened to see how welcome the support we provide has been. As my colleague Julie so eloquently put it last week, “learning curve?  More like a straight line!”

Aside from our work to support staff within clinical areas across our hospitals, raising standards of care, Jo’s Care of the frail Elderly Module has been a resounding success, so a big thank you to all those involved in the delivery of the session.  Our thoughts are with those beavering away on their assignments over the festive period; we look forward to hearing your service improvement ideas. 

Wendy and Rachel have been working hard on their respective modules, developing Accountability & Consolidation of Practice and Advancing Practice: Managing Pain in Practice; both are due to be launched in the spring.

Julie’s Dementia module is still in early stages of development and much of her time has been spent on the excellent ‘Hello, my name is…’ national campaign (take a look at our dedicated web page here to see all your colleagues who have already pledged their support for the campaign!) and raising awareness about Dementia care within our Trust. 

Sonia continues to work alongside our Staff Support and Health Psychology teams as well as the University of Gloucester. Her quest is make sure that we all look after ourselves within the workplace, warding off burn-out by promoting ‘Emotional Resilience’; for further information contact sonia.maisey@glos.nhs.uk.

We’ve been heavily involved in Ebola, fit testing & PPE training , Chinese Nurses, Mentor support, Induction booklets, UWE, Pre-reg selection events, HCA development programmes to name but a few – so you can see we have all been pretty busy!

We are all rising to the challenge and are already starting to see our roles as Lecturer Practitioners, making a definable difference for our staff and patients.

If you have any ideas for us to look at or would like to contact us to find out more, email joanne.jones2@glos.nhs.uk

Until next time! Jo Jones


14th August 2014

Are you interested in improving patient care and developing your skills? You have come to the right place! 3 months into the role and I thought it might be a good opportunity to let you know what the Lecturer Practitioners have been up to and what we have planned! I am a Lecturer Practitioner for Unscheduled Care working with 4 colleagues at Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and the University of Gloucestershire.

We support all non-medical staff promoting staff development, supporting mentors to support student nurses, supporting newly qualified nurse development.

We will also be promoting quality assurance, working on ways in which we can standardise staff and patient experience, inspiring corporate objectives, helping all non-medical staff to obtain and maintain competencies.

Education-wise we will be supporting learning, promoting trust strategic training analysis, the education platform and helping our staff with professional portfolio development.

Having now met with ward mangers, senior nurses and department leads it’s been wonderfully encouraging to hear such a positive response to the support we are able to provide.

Just like starting any new job the first month mostly consisted of induction programmes and then we set about letting staff at our Trust know about the work we are doing, meeting with front-line staff, presenting, demystifying & promoting the service.

We have also been getting creative, designing posters, designing webpages, writing an article for our internal staff magazine ‘Outline’ and building our own resources and championing ambassador links for ‘What's Hot’; a way of ensuring that we are ‘upskilled’ and bang up to date in what’s trending in health care arena and sharing   best practices  

We have been working with Gloucester University on a range of projects including identifying content and contemporary issues and themes for our academic modules. 

We have also been promoting local home-grown talent by supporting return to practice students, teaching sessions & lesson planning, publishing workshops, accrediting and creating  pathway modules. We’re ‘Moodle’ training, module building, organizing teaching delivery methods and identifying learning objectives – phew!  

We’ll are now out and about in the clinical areas, working alongside a variety of different staff, so hopefully will get to meet lots of front-line nurses. The aim is to gain a better understanding of how your wards & departments work, to find out what you would like from me as a Lecturer Practitioner and to work together with managers to identify gaps in any training /learning needs and to share best practice.

I am really looking forward to setting up a small working group interested in this exciting venture, to create a bespoke module in Acute Unscheduled Care. Guiding and tailoring the course contents to reflect  patient experience, quality and standards, contemporary themes and issues in Unscheduled Care – let me know if you are interested in getting involved – you can email me at

Sonia.Maisey@glos.nhs.uk or find out more on our intranet pages if you already work @gloshospitals or our web pages if you work outside the Trust.

I’ll be blogging quarterly on behalf of the Lecturer Practitioners – hope you enjoyed the read and will look forward to sharing more !