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Code of Conduct

All future healthcare assistants should have recieved this when invited to interview. A copy of the Code can be found using this link:  Code of Conduct for Healthcare Support Workers and Adult Social Care Workers in England

HCA  Development Flowchart

Please refer to the following HCA Development oppotunities for HealthCare Assisstants - Flowchart

Care Certificate

Following the Francis Inquiry, Camilla Cavendish was requested by the Secretary of State to review and put forward recommendations on the recruitment, learning and development, management and support of all non-registered healthcare support roles including healthcare assistants and social care support workers.

The Cavendish review highlighted that there was a wide variation in role description, initial training and continued development across the country. To address this, a recommendation was made that a Certificate should be introduced that would standardise the induction process. This has been developed by Health Education England and Skills for Health and is one of the areas which will be monitored by the CQC.

Health Care Assistant’s and Social Care Support Worker’s will be required to achieve 15 care standards in the first 12 week period of employment. These standards encompass fundamental skills required to work within a health care setting thus making it transferable between institutions.

The key benefits to service users include:

  • Increase and standardisation of quality of care
  • patient safety improvement
  • reduction of risk / harm
  • Increased core knowledge with the view of decreasing poor care practices

 In May of last year GHNHSFT were one of the Southwest pilot sites for the initial trial of the Care certificate standards. Following a positive evaluation we continue to deliver these standards in line with the Certificates National launch which commenced in March of this year.

For any further information please contact Adam Curtis

Skills for Health webpage

Care Certificate Standards

If you need to download the Introduction to the Role of a HCA Booklets, you can download them here -  Care Certificate and Your Role.

Band 2 Development Programme

All  new substansive staff are entered onto this programme which is mandatory with the aim of achieving a minimum standard of care.  Existing staff can also complete the programme which entails one day a month delivered over the cause of a year. The subject matter is delivered by clinical experts and professional education practitioners. It should be noted that some self directed learning is required in the form of literature searches. On completion the evidence accumulated can be used as evidence for further education programmes .

Managers wishing to enrol existing staff on the programme please contact Adam Curtis, programme lead on Ext 6307 or Amy Dunn on ext 6083.

This programme has been designed to empower and enable HCA’s to:

1. Demonstrate professional practice and behaviour with confidence and competence

2. Demonstrate how learning has enhanced their practice and improved patient care within the clinical area.

Ensuring a high standard of patient care and improving the patient experience.

Download HCA Study Materials

Most of the HCA Development Study Day documentation is to be found on this link - HCA Study Days

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