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 Your role as a mentor is critical in helping to facilitate the development of future generations of nurses and midwives. As a mentor you have the privilege and responsibility of helping students translate theory into practice, and making what is learned in the classroom a reality. It is a role that you are entrusted with by students, colleagues and most importantly, patients. Passing on your knowledge and skills is one of the most essential roles you can undertake, and it can be very rewarding.

Vitally Important - Any signature documented in an Ongoing Record of Achievement (OAR) must be that of an in date Mentor or Countersigned by a Mentor!

What type of update will you require? 

Mentors are required to complete at least 1 face to face update during a 3 year period. For example, for your first 2 years as a mentor, you could complete an online update, however, for the third year you must attend a face to face session in the form of an upskills session or mentor conference. Remember - all mentor updates are monitored on the live Trust Mentor Database, so please ensure you inform Professional Education of your successful mentor update.  

Mentor Proforma's

It is important that the  Professional Education Department holds accurate information regarding mentors on the database. Four times a year, we will be contacting the Department Managers who have mentors, to complete the following "Mentor Proforma". If you are aware of a mentor leaving or joing your clinical area, please could you contact Professional Education as soon as possible.

Your Key Mentor will be sent this form four times a year. This form will be required to be updated so that the Database can be kept as accuate as possible.

Sign-Off Mentors

Any mentor who gained a mentorship qualification prior September 2007 will automically have sign-off mentor status. This means that these mentors are allowed to sign off:

  • NP 6 Students
  • Return to Practice Student
  • For a course which states a sign-off is required.

Any mentors who gained a mentorship qualification after September 2007 will not be classed as sign-off mentors, and will need to complete a "Buddy Pack".  To complete the buddy pack, the mentor working towards sign-off status must be observed by an already sign-off mentor three separate times with an NP6 student. Once the pack has been completed, the final page needs to be completed and sent back the Professional Education Department so that the register can be updated.

Any additional information regarding sign-off mentors can be found using the following NMC link

Triennial Review

The Triennial Review is a three yearly process in which you, as a mentor, are required to reflect upon and demonstrate your progress in mentoring and assessing students. The evidence which you present will be set in the context of the eight domains identified within the current NMC mentor/practice teacher standards (SLAIP 2008). You will find full information about this in the Triennial Review document.  

Why is the Triennial Review process important?
The Triennial Review process is a mandatory element of mentorship and it is important that it is completed in a timely fashion to avoid mentors being removed from the register. Even if you have attended annual mentorship updates, you cannot continue to mentor students once your Triennial Review is overdue.

What are the Requirements for a Triennial Review?
You will find full information about this in the Triennial Review document . You will need to collect and provide evidence that you have:

  1. Attended/completed annual mentor updates
  2. Mentored two students within the three year period (Practice teachers have mentored one student within the three year period)
  3. Demonstrated ongoing development against the NMC mentor/practice teacher standards. (NMC SLAIP 2008)

The Professional Education Department will be monitoring who is due a Triennial Review form, and will be contacted at the beginning of the year to get this completed. If you are aware you need to complete a Triennial Review, please use the following "Triennial Review Form"

Need help? Why not see a template of a Triennial Review form - Template Form

FLAP Course (Facilitating Learning and Assessment in Practice)

The module is approved through the NMC and meets their requirements for NMC (2008) Standards to support learning and assessment in practice (SLAiP) .It is offered at both level 3 and level M and forms either a standalone module or it can be used as credit towards Specialist Practice Qualifications.

The module equates to 150 hours of study and is delivered through  three modes using Blackboard  : blended learning , accreditation of prior and experiential learning , online only. The module will draw on your experiences as a practitioners and involvement in facilitating learning opportunities for pre- registration students. The content explores the principles of ‘teaching’,’ assessment’ and ‘mentorship’  with designated intakes led by an experienced team of staff from a variety of both academia and clinical practice.  The team is here to support your learning.

If you would like to nominate a member of staff to undertake the FLAP course, please contact Becki Clapton. The FLAP course will be given if certain criteria is met including:

  1. Mentor Update forms sent to the key mentors are filled in and returned for that year
  2. Triennial Reviews are complete for the clinical areas
  3. The FLAP course is available and has space

Staff can also be added to the waiting list if the cohorts are full so they can be put onto a future cohort. A cohort can only hold 25 registrants at 1 time.

(Information taken from UWE Website)

Contact Details & Links you may find useful

Deborah Slade: Practice Education Facilitator (PEF)

Leigh Crossland: UWE Academic in Practice for GRH or Diane Standring: UWE Academic in Practice for CGH

UWE Practice Support Net

Standards to Support Learning and Assesment in Practice:

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Book yourself on a Face to Face Mentor Update (GHNHSFT)

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