Mentor Conference


Mentor conferences allow staff who have been a mentor for more than one year to complete their mandatory annual update with a UWE representative.


  • Must hold a mentorship qualification. This can include: FLAP (Facilitating, Learning Assessment in Practice), ENB 997, ENB 998 and Teaching & Assessing.
  • Must have been a mentor for a least one year.


  • To learn and understand the appropriate role of a mentor and how to be a successful mentor.
  • To understand PPO (Professional Practice Office) and Allocations. What the correct process is and understanding of how students are given placements in certain areas and how they meet criteria.
  • To understand about ARC PEP development. How students are monitored and what information provided is accessible for students and the importance of this.
  • To learn about NMC Quality Assurance & Audit, and why wards/departments need to be audited.
  • To understand about Placements and the Patients Journey.
  • To learn about Grading of Practice along with Patient Feedback.
  • To complete a mandatory one year mentor update with a UWE representative.

Who should complete the training

  • Mentors who need a mandatory mentor update.
  • Mentors who have not had an update one year since gaining a mentorship qualification.
  • Sign off mentors.

Other Information

  • Please note – Attendance at a mentor conference does not make you a sign off mentor. Please contact Professional Education for more details. Ext 6087
  • Please note – Attendance at a mentor conference does not make you a mentor or give you a mentor qualification.

Accessing Training

This course is a face2face course and staff must book on to the course using the link below:


Length of Course:
1 day

Book Online
Bookings can only be made from
a PC on the trust network.