Nurse & Midwifery Revalidation

Welcome to the Nursing & Midwifery Revalidation webpages. We hope that you will find everything you need on this page, and you will see that we have also provided you with links which will take you to specific pages on the Nursing & Midwifery website, where you can find further information.


Nursing & Midwifery Revalidation was launched as a final guideline on 8th October 2015. All nurses and Midwifes are required to renew their registration every 3 years, which will now be known as “REVALIDATION”. Following on from various inquires and publications, the NMC want to strengthen the renewal process and how nurses and midwifes demonstrate to the NMC that they are fit to practice and remain on the register. It is about promoting good practice and Revalidation will replace current PREP requirements and the Notification of Practice form, which is currently sent out when you are due for renewal every three years.

The process of revalidation will have to be engaged with by all Nurses and Midwives, in order to demonstrate that we practice safely and effectively throughout our careers. The revalidation process will be in line with the new NMC code 2015.

Why now?

The NMC wants to improve public protection by developing more robust processes to ensure that all registrants continue to be fit for practice throughout our careers.

The aim of the Revalidation process is to:

  • Improve public protection
  • Increase public confidence by demonstrating fitness to practice
  • Ensure that all registrants continue to meet NMC Standards


To Revalidate, you will need to register with NMC Online . We urge you to do this as a matter of urgency if you have not already done so. Without an NMC Online account you will be unable to Revalidate.

You will see that we have provided you with links to the NMC pages for Revalidation. Please take a look on these pages, where you will find everything you need.




NMC Revalidation pages 

NMC process on how to Revalidate

NMC forms and templates to use during Revalidation

 NMC Online 

NMC Code: Professional Standards for practice and behaviour for Nurses and Midwives

Revalidation Workshop Dates:



22nd January 2018 10.00-12.00 @ Sandford Education Centre

13th March 2018 08.30-10.30 @ Redwood Education Centre

1st May 2018 13.00-15.00 @ Sandford Education Centre

28th June 2018 10.30-12.30 @ Redwood Education Centre


To book any of the sessions please ring Revalidation Team on:

0300 422 5634 / 5112

Claire Vidgen 5112 Revalidation Officer

Or Email


For anymore information on Revalidation please contact:


Wendy Collins- Ext 5634

Claire Vidgen - Ext 5112