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University of Bristol Education Advice Clinic

CPD is mainly provided within the Learning4Health framework. Usually there is no academic credit attached to this learning, but there are several ways that you can build on this learning to gain credit to count to academic awards. Interested? Come and discuss your learning  and accreditaion needs with academic staff from UWE.  Session as are available at GRH and CGH. You can book an appointment  or just turn up.

Please click on the link - You might be nearer an award than you think!

Session dates. Please note that the times vary slightly between the sites.


Date Venue Time


Contact us

Nikita Davis or Nikita.Davis@glos.nhs.uk or 

Debbie.Bishop at Debbie.bishop@glos.nhs.uk

Admin Support to Paul Hooton

Redwood House

GRH ext 6102