Service Delivery Training Requirements

To ensure that all of our staff are competent, safe and deliver the highest possibile standard of care to our patients, clinical managers are required to determine the specific skills required to deliver their specialist service.

This profile will enable the creation of a doument that will list the specialist skills required in the department and also idenitfy the percentage of staff who require these skills to enable safe delivery of the service. After identifying the number of staff who already have these skills, it will be simple to identify any existing skills gaps and therefore be relatively easy to succession plan. To further enhance and understand the training requirements of their staff, against the skills required to deliver the service, managers will also be asked to complete a Learning Pathway for individual staff  groups to take them from a Novice to Expert in their speciality.

Once managers have idenitified their service training needs for the year, they will work with Professional Education to identify training resources (please see Annual Training Cycle).

To enable clinical managers to determine the specific skills required we have developed a Ward Profile. This needs to be completed and stored on Sharepoint at http://glnt313/sites/stna/default.aspx  It should be noted that only members of staff who have been given permission to use this site will be able to gain access.

There is an additional Stragetic Needs Analysis Drop in Session, led by Paul Hooton as follows, for anyone who hasn't been able to attend as yet.


Date Venue Time
Thursday 7th February Sandford Education Centre 10:30 AM


Below are links to the Strategic Training Needs Overview Sheets.

Example generic pathways are available here which show Novice to Expert development.

New Non-Registered Staff

Existing Non-Registered Staff

Band 5 Staff

Band 6 and Above Staff