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Annual Leave

Junior Doctors

If you wish to book annual leave, please complete an annual leave application form .  If cover is required, you need to arrange this yourself.  You will need to give notice of leave - perhaps as much as six weeks.  Rules vary from department to department so always check.  If you have rostered leave on your rota, you should inform Medical Staffing of the number of days taken.

Consultants and SAS Doctors

Annual leave forms are available from Mavis Chapman in Human Resources at GRH (6391).  Once authorised, the forms should be sent to Mavis for recording.  Leave must be booked at least 8 weeks in advance.


Leave allowances

Five weeks plus two days (27 days) per annum  The allowance rises to six weeks plus two days (32 days) per annum for trainee doctors on point 3 or above of the Specialty Registrar pay scale.

27 days, rising to 32 days (after two years' service) for SAS doctors

32 days for Consultants, rising to 34 after seven years of service


Sick Leave/Notification - for junior doctors

As soon as possible when you know you will be unable to attend work:

1. Contact your Consultant

2. Contact Medical Staffing - you will be asked:

  • how long you think the sickness period is likely to last
  • when you are next on-call
  • to keep in contact
  • to forward a medical certificate for absence of seven days or more to the medical staffing department