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Work Experience


Due to capacity within all departments placements are limited and Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust prioritises local students.

  • To avoid disappointment please look for alternative arrangements if you are not attending a Gloucestershire County Council School 

All placements have to conform to strict Health and Safety guidance and Trust Policy. 

  • Students must be in YEAR 11 and above
  • Students must not directly contact relatives, friends or employees at Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Trust requesting placements or send generic letters to wards / departments or individuals at Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Trust
  • Placements are co-ordinated by the Lifelong Learning Department

Capacity is limited and work experience (including work shadowing and work-related activities) is allocated fairly to students across the county regardless of academic achievement or school.

  • Students interested in healthcare careers (including Medicine) should discuss this with the school careers / work experience adviser  or Head of Year
  • The Lifelong Learning Department will liaise with school careers / work experience advisers or Head of Year regarding capacity and allocation depending on Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Trust resources

Failure to comply with work experience guidance will jeopardise work experience placements for all young people.

Please direct all enquiries to

Tel: 0300 422 5176

Students with queries related to work experience are expected to make telephone and / or email enquiries themselves; rather than friends, parents and grandparents enquiring on their behalf.

Specialty specific information

Dietetics (Nutrition)


Occupational Therapy




NEW INFORMATION about NHS Pre-registration Trainee Pharmacist Training




IT Services

Medical Physics

Clinical Trials and Research

Health Psychology

PLEASE NOTE: In the interests of the parents and babies there are no work experience placements in Special Care Baby Unit (Neonatal Intensive Care). In the interests of the therapeutic relationship there are no work experience placements in Health Psychology for under 18's.

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