Dietetics (Nutrition)

The Nutrition and Dietetics Service are only able to offer 'taster days' to students who live and attend school/college in Gloucestershire planning to apply for entry to a registered dietetic under or post graduate university course.

Please apply with CV and covering statement by letter addressed to Mrs Fiona Brown, Nutrition and Dietetics, Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Trust, Great Western Road, Gloucester, GL1 3NN or email


Please note: The availability of 'Taster days' is limited and as per above only applications from students who live and attend school / college in Gloucestershire will be considered.

Support your application with examples of where you have been required to communicate to a range of people, have demonstrated your listneing and understanding skills and have gained experience with food or diet.


Click HERE to find out more about what a Dietician's job involves. Then for more information regarding a career in Dietetics see the British Dietetic Association Website. Particular pages of interest would be:

For information on nutritionists view this page:

Although there are a number of Universities that offer Registered Dietetic Degrees, it is the students from Plymouth University that are hosted by Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Trust during the degree programme.

Additional information about the registration of Dieticians can be found on the Health and Care Professions Council Web Pages:

Page Updated: 19/11/2015