Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Trust is committed to providing opportunities for young people (and others) to shadow clinicians and specialist nurses to gain an insight into the professions and in support of applications to medical school.

Demand is always very high and to help manage requests in a fair way the Lifelong Learning Department co-ordinate all placements.

If you are wanting to secure a placement specifically because of an interest in a medical career please follow the guidance on the main work experience page applying as directed in MARCH 2016 for placements between September and December 2016.

Please be aware: Despite the very best efforts to host applicants, regretfully there are times when accommodating all requests is not possible.

Those dissappointed are invited to a Medical Careers workshop. This is not clinically based but  provides an extremely valuable opportunity for attendees to speak to current medical students and find out what life as a doctor is really like, how to write a good personal statement and make an impression at interview.

Hints and Tips

Please also consider broadening and strengthening your CV; gain experience in community settings, meeting and talking to people from different walks of life this  through working or volunteering.

Ensure you develop leadership and team skills, and hobbies that broaden your horizons and allow you to prove your commitment and responsibilities.

Also find out about healthcare and its provision because hospitals are just a small part and the future is provision ‘closer to patients homes’, and the changing health of the population – Dementia, Obesity, Diabetes (often in the news).

A website of interest might be