Orthoptics is the study of visual development, binocular vision (how the eyes work together as a pair), eye movements and eye co-ordination. Orthoptists are valuable members of the hospital eye care team working alongside consultant eye surgeons (ophthalmologists), optometrists and nurses to assess visual development and abnormalities.

Orthoptists are skilled in diagnostic techniquest, clinical interpretation and non surgical treatment. Common disorders which Orthoptists manage include: children presenting with misalignment of the eyes, patients presenting with double vision and reduced vision and visual disturbances.

The work as an orthoptist is mainly hospital based so we acknowledge it is challenging to secure relevant work experience. If you are in year 12 studying for A'levels and have an interest in science and healthcare and are considering Orthoptics as a career option  a work experience placement in this area may be valuable. Applications are welcomed and will be considered on a case by case basis from students seriously considering a career in Orthoptics.

A typical work placement would consist of a day visiting the department shadowing staff when performing investigations in the eye out patient department. The day is designed to provide a brief overview of the profession and an opportunity to meet staff.

If you are considering an application please first discuss your interest with the school careers / work experience adviser or Head of Year and then email a CV and covering letter (addressed to Lucy Blandford) detailing the benefits of work experience in Orthoptics to Lifelong.LearningTeam@glos.nhs.uk.


Find out more about Orthoptics, the role, entry requirements and desirable qualities HERE.


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